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Simple and Easy Credit Solutions that put you in the driver’s seat

Did you hear about the Credit and Finance Specialist in the Okanagan who married a Car Dealership? True Story.

CredRev was founded on the crazy notion that people still like to be treated like people. And that if you work hard and foster an authentic relationship with a person to help them build or revitalize their credit, then maybe just maybe, when times get better, they’ll come back some day. (We know. We know. Crazy talk. Witches!) But somehow such old-fashioned business ideals have worked wonders for us and our thousands of satisfied customers.


Way back when, we weren’t always the sexy, credit and financial specialists British Columbians have come to know and love.

No, at one point we were actually two like-minded businesses. You see, CredRev was conceived through the combination of a luxury car dealership obsessed with customer service, and a credit and finance firm obsessed with helping people restore and rehabilitate their credit. Together, obsessions combined, we realized that we could make a huge difference against the big amalgamated financial corporations and lead generation firms out there – all by simply restoring the focus on genuine custom service and credit restoration.

So, in contrast to the big websites out there who blast out ‘pre-approvals’ in nano-seconds and risk jeopardizing your credit score by blitzing your credit application to many dealerships at once (all of whom then run their own credit reports on you) — we work with only one incredibly well-connected dealership, our own famous Company of Cars. By keeping our services clear, simple and transparent, we make the credit revitalization process much easier — and less risky.

Why such personal attention? We know that no two customers financial situations are identical, so we tailor our solutions to meet our clients individual needs. With over 20 years of experience, representing more than 15 different major banks as well as a number of non-conventional lenders, we can tailor our financial services to fit just about any person or situation.

Give one of our Financial Service Managers a call today to talk about the options, book a credit consultation, or simply apply now.

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